Monday, February 26, 2007


It seems appropriate as the first poster here to discuss why this blog exists. The question is kind of ironic in a way, as many of us may be asking that same question about ourselves. Why do we exist? What is humanities role in a world that is too often characterized by pain, loss, and suffering? This blog exists, in many respects, to address this larger question which each of us have asked ourselves in the darkest moments of our personal journeys.

A Peak is the highest or most important point of something, as in either "the peak of the mountain" or "the peak of my political career." The authors of the P.E.A.K. Brothers thought this term was apt because we want to discuss with you the highest and most important things in this life. Things like family (whether that word has a positive connotation to you or not), friends, and God. We believe that as we ask the important questions, we will find truth by sharing with and learning from one another.

Thank you so much for finding this site, and I hope that you will feel free to comment whenever you have a thought.