Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Be Square!

Jennifer took this picture when she was in Japan last year. For some reason, it always makes me laugh. I can't imagine that making a square watermelon changes the taste of it at all. It is simply a matter of appearances (as well as the inevitable fact that squares are easier to stack and thus transport than the odd spherical shape watermelons usually come in).
I wonder if we are like this sometimes. There is a natural way in which we are supposed to grow and develop, but the world forces us to take a different shape. The very structure of life dictates that we become more selfless, from the days of an infant when our whole world is comprised of our needs, to those first lessons of sharing, to the point that some of you find yourselves at, where you must yield your wants and needs to those of the new life in your midst. Despite this the world tells us to becomes more selfish, to take care of number one regardless of the pain it causes others. Everything in nature tells us that beauty and youth and appearance are transitory and fleeting, but the world tells us to celebrate these things and place utmost value on them.
How do you stay round in a square world?

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