Thursday, July 19, 2007


As I've shared with some of you already, I am once again preaching this week. In a strange twist from the usual routine, however, I was asked by the elders to speak out of Hebrews Chapters 1-2. The passage in short talks about the supremacy of Jesus Christ, which is the direction I am going with the sermon, but the writer of Hebrews places this discussion in context of Jesus' superiority to angels. This got me thinking about the subject of angels, demons, and those other supernatural elements of our faith that often get short shrift in the Churches of Christ. A few weeks ago in the restoration history class I am teaching at VRCC, I talked about why I think this happens, namely that our movement begins with the Enlightenment philosophy that emphasizes reason and therefore has little room for things that are not easily explainable, but I wonder if we as a movement are backing away from this philosophy. So, what are your views on angels, demons, and the like? If you claim to believe in these things, does it go beyond a mere intellectual assent to their existence? Do angels, demons, etc., affect your faith in any substantial way?


Bob Phillips said...

Angels and demons? I have been both at some point in my life. I am certain that I have encountered both during my journey. Which had the most affect on my faith? I am not sure. I would agree with your point about our history.

Alan W said...

To engage in a conversation from way long ago...I think angels and demons exist, but you won't find me having a face to face conversation about them. That's because of my lack of knowledge on the subject...and lack of a true research base for which to understand them. With no evidence or any reading done, I'm becoming more convinced that angels and demons may exist somewhere in our perception of things...more than in the circumstances or consequences that face us. Perhaps a negative, distorted perception and drive to do harm may have something to do with demons. Or maybe the perception of peace in the midst of trials is where angels do their work. I am unsure about the extent of angels saving people from cliffs, but I feel more comfortable thinking of their influence in relation to my outlook on life and in my decision-making process. As to if the affect my faith, I'd say not consciously...I have not thought much about angels and demons. Then again I have not thought much about my faith either.