Monday, April 30, 2007


I thought that we had a fairly interesting Home Team meeting last night. We talked about being willing to listen for and follow God, even when it brings us out of our comfort zone. We started by asking a pretty compelling question, that I thought I would bring to this forum. What is the smallest decision you ever made that turned out to deeply affect you? You never know how a seemingly insignificant choice could shape your future, so what choices have you made, and where have they led you?
I know my life was irrecovably changed one day by being in the wrong lane on West Roundgrove Road. Shortly after moving here, I was headed to work at what was then Mail Boxes Etc. and wound up in a far right lane that turned into a right turn only lane. Through God's working, a car kept me from getting over, and I was forced to take the right turn. In extricating myself from this situation, I chose to cut through the Meadowglen plaza shopping center, and found to my surprise the Vista Ridge Church of Christ. The best wrong turn I've ever made. What choice have you made, and how has that choice affected you?

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Wade said...

Huh, I never knew that's how you and Jennifer found Vista Ridge - cool story!

One of my small decision/big affect moments I had was choosing which section of Business Math to enroll in at ACU - I'm glad I choose the section that I did because I ended up sitting next to Kelly . . . and the rest is history!

There's a cool movie called Sliding Doors with this same premise - it's a great rental.